Give your students a chance to be legendary

April 20th, 2017 Mike Gecawich

I was about 10 years old when we went on a family trip to Ohio.

My mom knew I was pretty bored spending so much time with my aunt and uncle, so one day she had a surprise for me…

She took me to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Now, as a big football fan there was NOTHING cooler than to see the actual footballs and jerseys used by my heroes.

Seeing these legends’ stats and learning about their stories was such an inspiration… I think there’s something about knowing what’s possible that really motivates a person.

In this week’s activity, Keyboarding Wall of Fame, you can bring that same element of motivation to your classroom.

Click here for the full activity lesson plan.

Knowing what other kids their age have achieved will provide a great challenge for your students to practice more and improve their typing skills.

Given that a text about bears is not going to be as hard as one about stegosauruses, skip on the random timed tests and make things fair by creating your own standard one!

Just log in to your Teacher Portal and click to create a Custom Timed Test.

This will enable you to assess WPM accurately and fairly with the same content for all students not only within the same class, but across the years!

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