Students love this typing scavenger hunt

June 19th, 2017 Mike Gecawich

The other day on Facebook I came across this great video about breaking stereotypes.

In it, they brought in a bunch of people that fit particular labels—moms, motorcycle dudes, nerdy kids, sports fans—and put them into distinct boxes outlined on the floor.

At first, everyone looked at each other warily, seeing them as outsiders from “their” group.

But then, the researchers started asking questions—

“Who in here was the class clown?”

“Who loves to dance?”

“Who has been bullied?”

With each question, a few people from each group stepped out of their boxes.

They were stunned to find that they had something in common with the kid with tattoos on his face or the older Indian lady.

But that’s the thing, we are so much more than our outward appearances.

And all it took were a few questions to break down these barriers.

This week, help your own students do the same with a typing activity we call The Human Scavenger Hunt.

Who knows, new friendships might even be formed by the end of the lesson!

typing scavenger hunt

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