Bloopers Bulletin Board Encourages Proofreading

April 9th, 2018 Mike Gecawich

When it comes to typing, attention to detail matters.

Unfortunately, a dairy farm in Maine found this out the hard way recently.

A missing comma in a list of duties that were exempted from overtime pay ended up costing them $5 million!

That’s a lot of milk.

Even if your students aren’t writing important business documents just yet, that doesn’t make attention to detail any less important.

Consider driving home the importance of proofreading this week by creating a Bloopers Bulletin Board in your classroom.

By collecting and displaying examples of spelling and grammatical errors that make it to print, you can help your students see how much proofreading matters.

You might not banish errors altogether, but this bulletin board can help you get closer!

proofreading activities

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  1. Toni Anne Yukl says:

    In preparation for returning to school online, I signed up for typing lessons. I filled out all the forms but no information was given on how lessons would be provided. Information requested please. Thank you. Toni Anne Yukl.

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