Music + Typing? This Activity is Always a Student Favorite

March 12th, 2018 Mike Gecawich

Have you ever wondered why memorizing the lyrics to a catchy song is easy while memorizing academic definitions or facts can feel impossible?

Plenty of scientists have studied just what it is about songs that make them so easy to learn.

The combination of repetition, rhyme, rhythm, and patterns all work together to make song lyrics “sticky”.

Your students might not always feel successful in learning historical dates or scientific terms, but I’m willing to bet that they have no trouble in learning the lyrics to the songs on the radio.

This week’s typing activity will give your students a chance to show off their knowledge of the latest musical hits as well as their typing speed and accuracy.

Name That Tune is the perfect excuse to infuse some musical fun into your typing classroom and get those fingers moving and grooving.

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