Empower Your Students with this Timed Typing Activity

January 29th, 2018 Mike Gecawich

To this day I can still vividly remember my 7th grade U.S. History class with Ms. Dawson.

Not only did she have an infectious enthusiasm for history, but she had an incredibly novel way of designing her unit tests:

She let us write the questions!

At the end of every unit, we would spend one class period writing multiple choice questions based on the chapters we had studied.

Each student would submit 3-4 questions and Ms. Dawson would choose a final 25 to make her test.

Writing questions that met her high expectations required us to dig back into the content and be careful with our wording and answer choices.

This process also made tests fun because it was exciting to spy your own question on everyone’s desk.

With this week’s activity, 26 Letter Timed Test, you can steal this same test-creation strategy in your typing classroom.

Students get typing practice both in creating the timed writings and taking those created by their peers (and you save time in the process).

It’s a win-win-win!

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