Try These Typing Tongue Twisters Today!

September 11th, 2017 Mike Gecawich

Have you ever thought about the saying “laughter is the best medicine”?

Well as it turns out, it’s true.

Not only will a good laugh cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood, but laughter can actually improve your immune system.

Laughter increases the number of antibodies in your blood stream while decreasing the number stress hormones, thus boosting your body’s ability to fight off diseases.

And teachers need all the immune system boosts they can get!

So get your class laughing during their typing time this week by challenging them to write some silly tongue twisters to practice new letters.

Check out this week’s Typing Tongue Twisters activity.

You can even build a collection of your favorites to use for future timed tests.

With any luck, you’ll help your students master some new letters in a fun way and maybe even avoid another nasty cold from getting passed around your classroom.

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4 responses to “Try These Typing Tongue Twisters Today!”

  1. Catheleen McCoy says:

    Love the typing tongue twisters. I would like to see more.

  2. Jane Parker says:

    What is different about edutyping then

    • Mike Gecawich says:

      Hi Jane, thanks for your question. EduTyping is our premium classroom edition, which has specialized curricula for grades K-5 and 6-12. It also includes far more powerful class management tools for teachers, including automatic grading and the ability to create custom lessons and timed tests. I’ve answered this question in greater depth in this episode of Ask EduTyping (if you watch the video you can skip to 8:10 to hear the answer, or you can scroll down for the transcript)

  3. nick says:

    i love this program

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