How Can I Print My Typing Results to Show an Employer?

February 12th, 2018 Mike Gecawich

Hey everybody. It’s Mike Gecawich, co-founder of and Welcome to another exciting episode of Ask EduTyping, where we broadcast live user questions and answers each week at 4:15 Eastern time to answer all keyboarding questions for users and EduTyping, as well as the keyboarding population at large.

So we start each show with a tip of the week and this week I chose to, it’s really not a tip, it’s more of a motivator based on one of our users’ feedback that came in to us this week. We get these kind of stories all the time, so I want to share this success story with you today.

So this particular gentleman is using and has grown his word per minute and accuracy from 16 to 70 words per minute, actually 74.

So that’s an exciting and enormous gain in typing efficiency as well as showing that the products work and do wonders for students all across America. So congratulations to this student, I’m leaving his name anonymous because he asked me to but hopefully this is something that’s happening and you’re seeing progression as you’re working with one of our typing platforms. So each week we take user questions. And this week we’re going to have my colleague Rennie Sullivan read our first question. So Rennie–

Thanks, Mike. So, Ian Taylor asks, I wanted to inquire about a data entry test and that there was a way to print results show an employer.

Great question, Ian. So in order to demonstrate your efficiency on the keyboard, in this case you asked about data entry, and that can mean a number of things that can mean how you are doing on the Alphanumeric keys or the numeric keypad which is on the side of your keyboard. But all you need to do is complete any lesson within the typing product, and we also offer a number of times writing tests as well and those results are printable. Very simple.

All you have to do is log into the program, complete an assignment or one of the typing tests and then from the file menu in any browser just choose print and that will demonstrate your words per minute an accuracy score and whatever assignment or lesson you complete.

So good question and that’s great because it provides proof to your efficiencies especially if you’re applying for a job which in this case you said you have to demonstrate your skill set to your employer. So good question. Let’s get our second question of the week. Rennie—

Julie Robinson asks, How can my students sign up using Google Classroom or their Clever accounts. Can you help?

OK. Yes, I can definitely help with that. So both and EduTyping utilize Clever and for those of you in our user audience who may not be familiar with what Clever is, it’s a company that is a third party integrator that allows your students to use one single username and password. Typically it’s the one assigned by your school and they can select an icon from a dashboard and log-on to any product including and EduTyping.

So how you can gain access to work with Clever to get connected utilizing that technology. There are two ways, basically if your school is a Clever account holder you should have a dashboard on that dashboard you will see EduTyping or so you click on that and there’ll be a form you complete and then that process will get somebody in touch with you on how to get that connected.

Now if you’re not a current Clever user you can’t use, if you go to the website, there’s a Get Started with Clever button right on the home page, with a form to fill out and that will get the process started as well. It’s pretty seamless, it’s pretty easy, and anyone from your technology department should be able to assist you with that, in making that connection.

You also asked about Google Classroom. We’re not offering that at the current moment but in June it’s one of our exciting new releases that we will be bringing to both platforms. So that technology’s not here yet, but stand by, there will be more information and links from our website and log-in screens coming later this school year.

So we have time for one more question, and Rennie if you could read our final question of the week.

Lynn from Marysville Senior High asks, I would like to post a few posters on successes of my typing students. What type of recognition posters do you recommend posting? And how do you go about getting that report information? Any help would be great.

Well first of all, the report information, that’s a great question because you’re trying to motivate your students by having your classroom come alive. Your classroom walls with color and messages that motivate students to do better each week.

There’s a lot of different ways you can approach this but the first thing is if you go inside the teacher portal you’ll notice that there’s a robust set of data that’s available to you based on how students perform everything from the time that they’ve spent typing, when they last logged-in, how many minutes they’ve been typing each week, words per minute, accuracy etc..

So my recommendation is you already mentioned words per minute as one type of poster. But if you take a look at the blog you’ll see that there’s lots of motivational tips that you can actually turn into posters and that blog is accessible right from, there’s a blog link. And you’ll find a lot of information and I believe there’s also downloadable motivational posters there as well as you can create your own.

One that I love is to encourage students to be more accurate, you can post a picture using a clip art image of a target and then want to say something like “Your accuracy is more important than speed” and draw a bull’s eye and put a message inside of that. So those are just a couple of ideas. There are many more. And if you e-mail me I’ll be happy to provide you with a couple of free downloadable poster links as well as information on how to message some of the words that you’ll put on that poster. You can reach me at [email protected]

So that’s all we have time for this week. I’ll see you next Thursday at 4:15 Eastern time, where I’ll be broadcasting live over Facebook. You can always do the videos if you don’t catch us live. And you can also ask your questions and reach us at Facebook at #AskEduTyping as well as on Instagram and Twitter at the same handle. So everybody have a good week.

Happy keyboarding teaching and we’ll see you next Thursday. Take care.

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