Keyboarding Goes to the Movies

March 14th, 2019 Mike Gecawich

The semester is well underway, but March brings us even more relevant and newsworthy content to share with your students to hone their typing skills.

A new typing lesson in the Making Headlines section of the EduTyping Secondary curriculum offers a recap of the glitz and glam of this year’s Oscars. What movies were nominated and who walked away with the ultimate prize? What were the major upsets and thrills of the night? Students get a chance to read about some of their favorite movies and popular stars, all the while practicing their touch typing.

Our other new article, Are You Ready for the Workplace?, can be found in the Practice Library of EduTyping Secondary. This lesson focuses on the importance of soft skills in the business world. Students may know the significance of technical skills in a workplace environment, but they may not know the value of showing initiative, being personable and courteous, dressing appropriately, and more. Understanding these soft skills will help students thrive in whatever job they choose.

To assign the new lessons to your students, go to Class Settings > Restrict Lessons and ensure that the lessons are selected.

Until next time, happy typing!

Image is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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