What’s Coming Up in the New EduTyping!

May 31st, 2018 Mike Gecawich

Don’t you love the clean slate that comes with a new school year?

So do we! We’re taking steps now to make sure teachers can hit the 2018-2019 school year running with EduTyping, and we want you to to be part of the process.

This summer we will be releasing a new version of the EduTyping platform, and we have set up a beta version to let you explore it first.

This beta version will allow teachers like you to give us feedback on the new features and let us know how the new site works before we make official changes across the board in July.

Click one of the buttons below to create a preview account for either EduTyping Jr. or EduTyping Secondary.

Below you’ll find quick descriptions of some of the biggest changes and additions.

Avatars that Level Up + Corresponding Skins

Now, as students choose the skin to personalize the look and feel of their EduTyping lessons, they will now have matching keyboard hands below lessons and avatar characters that represent them.

With each lesson they complete, their avatars will level up and evolve – providing a powerful motivator for students to keep typing.

As EduTyping continues to feel more and more like a game, your students will be eager to log more and more practice time (even without your cheerleading).

Introductory Videos

Fun, new animated videos have now been added at the start of lessons to help teach students the basics of proper posture at the keyboard, why typing is a such a valuable skill, and more…

New Achievements to Unlock

Just like in a game, students will unlock achievements for typing speed, accuracy, characters typed and more throughout their lessons. The more they type the more achievements they will unlock!

Dictation and Auditory Software

We’re excited to launch new dictation and auditory software that will allow visually impaired students to use EduTyping as well.

With these technology accommodations available, we hope that even more students will be able to benefit from our touch typing curriculum.

New Lesson Screens

You’ll now find three different screens for lessons designed to reinforce repetition and to visually remind students of where keys are located on the keyboard when learning new keys.

Google Single Sign-on

Given the often limited amount of time that students have to practice typing, every second matters.

We’re making some changes to signing on to EduTyping to streamline the process and maximize the amount of practice time students can spend at the keyboard.

Accessing the Demo

Ready to check out these new features for yourself?

Click one of the buttons below to create a preview account for either EduTyping Jr. or EduTyping Secondary and get on the inside:

Give Us Your Feedback

We would love for you to take a few minutes to check out these new features and more on the beta version of EduTyping.

If you find something that doesn’t work or that you would like to suggest, just click the Report Bug button in the top right corner to leave us a comment. It’ll even give you an option to “Draw” on the screen to show us exactly what you’re talking about.

We appreciate your input! So that when the new school year kicks off, we can ensure we have the best possible platform available for you and your students.

5 responses to “What’s Coming Up in the New EduTyping!”

  1. Gina Moore says:

    Awesome! I am so excited for this release and excited to implement it in my classes next year!

  2. Samay Kashyap says:

    These New features are great! But why in nitro type did you not announce season 14?My username is samay12345.

  3. Michael Reed says:

    I think it would be really helpful for the teachers to have a QR Code login option available for students. Teachers would be able to print out a QR code that will translate to the computer with that student’s login information. So instead of a teacher having to log in 20 students at the same time, all they would have to do is have the students show the QR code in front of a camera to login. This will save time logging in students, making more time to master typing.

  4. SueS says:

    Let us know if if the features are in both Jr. and Secondary. Will the names of the main menu sections in the Secondary version change (Foundation Units, Timed Tests, Practice Library, Making Headlines, etc.)? It would be nice if the Curriculum overviews, when logged in as a teacher, include the main menu section headings that students see when they log in.

  5. Ruth says:

    I really like the new look. It encourages students to use their home keys more than the old one. I had students playing it like a video game by placing their single finger on the letter they were learning and just trying to get a higher score. Plus, I like the fact they HAVE to do the lessons. The gamification will help tremendously with those students who are motivated by that.

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