Announcing New Word Processing Curriculum on EduTyping!

January 16th, 2018 Mike Gecawich

Having taught Career and Technical Education for nearly two decades, it has long been my passion to teach students the whole range of hard and soft skills they need to succeed.

And I’m excited to say, we are now introducing new curriculum to EduTyping to help you do the same!

As of this week in EduTyping Secondary, you’ll find our new Word Processing curriculum. After typing, this is the next core skill that students need in order to achieve full tech literacy.

There you’ll find comprehensive lessons that teach students not only the basics of formatting business documents, but also the soft skills that help them judge when to use them.

I’ve made a quick video to walk you through the new lessons—click here to check it out.

3 responses to “Announcing New Word Processing Curriculum on EduTyping!”

  1. bob mcgill says:

    How do we access these lessons? I can’t seem to find them.


  2. Rene Embrey says:

    Is there a report showing what they have completed on the Word Processing Lessons? They don’t have to print it out, do they?

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