Students in Kenyan Slum See Typing as Way Out

August 7th, 2017 Mike Gecawich

In today’s world, computer literacy skills can unlock a wealth of opportunity, regardless of where you are from and what your background is.

While in the developed world we can easily take for granted how easy it is to access technology and acquire computer literacy skills, there are many parts of the world where computer access and training is limited. Youth in impoverished communities in Kenya don’t always have access to computers or the support and instruction needed to learn how to navigate them.

Luckily, there are altruistic and dedicated people like sisters Amy and Ashley who have spent the past several years creating and running their nonprofit, Grain of Rice Project. The Grain of Rice Project works in one of Kenya’s largest slums to provide employment, education, and skills training to residents so that they may become self-sufficient. All of the programs in Kenya are Kenyan-led, which the sisters believe is a crucial part of genuine empowerment.

The organization works with adults, teens, and children through a number of different programs. Adults in the project learn to make jewelry and other goods that they then sell in Kenya and abroad. Through this program, many of the artisans have developed the skills to create their own side business, providing them with financial independence.

One such artisan is Pamela. Pamela managed to save her earnings from participating in the Grain of Rice Project as an artisan to open her own chemist shop. Through successful entrepreneurship, she eventually saved enough money to buy a house and was able to move out of the slums.

In another area of the project, teen boys participate on a soccer team while learning discipline and leadership along the way. When asked what kinds of skills they wanted to learn in an effort to help them move beyond their current circumstances, these Kenyan teens said computer and typing skills.

Through this simple request, EduTyping got involved with the Grain of Rice Project by donating a year’s worth of subscriptions so that these Kenyan students have access to high-quality typing instruction. Even though these teens lack many basic commodities that we would likely consider essential, what they most desire is access to the skills and knowledge that will help them improve their future outcomes.

We admire the tireless work and boundless determination of all those involved in the Grain of Rice Project. We wish these teens the best and are excited that EduTyping can help support computer literacy in all corners of the world!

3 responses to “Students in Kenyan Slum See Typing as Way Out”

  1. Isidra says:

    I am so grateful for the two sisters. They are awesome! This is amazing.

  2. I loved hearing about this program. I was very touched by the testimonials of the students in Kenya wanting to learn typing. I am a 7/8 grade typing teacher, do you have any suggestions on how my classes as a whole can get involved in helping this program?

    • Amy Ahiga says:

      Hi Cynthia,
      We would love for your students to be involved and have some ideas on how they could help! Can you send me an email: [email protected] and we can connect?
      Amy Ahiga
      Grain of Rice Project Director and Co-founder

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