Customizable Themes and Avatars Make Typing Fun

January 29th, 2019 Mike Gecawich

As a teacher, you know that your students have a wide range of interests. And because of those varying interests, not every student will respond to the same kind of motivation. But with EduTyping’s new avatar feature, your students get the chance to pick a theme that aligns to their interests and makes learning fun, whether it’s aliens, princesses, or superheroes.

EduTyping now boasts nine different avatars, or themes, students can choose from. Each one customizes the look and feel of the platform, without distracting from the same great curriculum. For example, with the Nitro Type theme, students will see hands adorned with driving gloves typing along with them within each lesson.

Hands associated with the student’s avatar type along with them.

Not only do these themes change the look of EduTyping, they “evolve” as students progress through the curriculum, too. We’ve found that gamifying typing does wonders to keep students motivated and engaged. That’s why we’ve built in five different levels to each avatar that students unlock by earning “XP”—or points—as they complete more lessons. These avatars “level up” just like characters in a video game!

For example, the Grow Your Skills avatar starts off as a seedling and eventually grows into a sprout, a sapling, and a full-fledged tree. The Nitro Type avatar, meanwhile, allows students to collect better and better sports cars to add to their garage. These personalized themes and avatars reflects students’ typing achievements in a way that offers both entertainment and encouragement. This is all part of the gamification of EduTyping: making typing so engaging that students won’t even realize they’re learning!

2 responses to “Customizable Themes and Avatars Make Typing Fun”

  1. D.J. Thompson says:

    This is pretty cool. It has motivated me to get my lessons done, so I can earn more points, and I didn’t even notice. I find this very helpful for me to learn how to type faster than I could before, more accurately than I could before, and I have fun doing it, as well. It’s really cool. I find it very entertaining.

    • D.J. Thompson says:

      I don’t remember writing the comment above, somebody else musta done it, so don’t mistaking me as a square, mane!

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