10 Classroom Rules for Using Computers

May 14th, 2018 Mike Gecawich

Maximize the benefits of technology in the classroom by using these clear rules and expectations

1. Handle computers with care

Classroom computers are an investment that you want to last. Let your students know how computers should and shouldn’t be handled.

2. No food or drink

Students should never have food or drink near their computers, keeping computers clean and safe.

3. Respect your computer

Remind students to leave their computer and workspace in the same state they found it.

4. Surf safely

Set very clear expectations about what sites students should be accessing for an assignment.

5. Keep your files organized

Set aside a few minutes to ensure that students are saving unfinished work that they will be able to find next time.

6.Respect others

Remind students to maintain the same respectful tone that they would use in verbal discussions and interactions when online.

7. Log off after every use

This is the digital version of cleaning up after yourself. Keeping student work and accounts private, and leaving the computer ready for the next user.

8. Don’t change settings

Explain to students up front that they must leave the settings on their computer exactly as they found them.

9. Print only when necessary

Set very clear expectations at the beginning of the year about when it is and isn’t appropriate to print something.

10. Work quietly

Let students know what volume they should be working at to ensure that everyone is able to work without distraction.

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