5 Ways Keyboard Covers Make Students Better Typers

February 21st, 2019 Mike Gecawich

As a keyboarding teacher, I’ve seen it countless times. First a student glances around the room to make sure I’m not watching. Then they take their eyes off the screen to look down at their fingers while they type. I got pretty good at picking up on the warning signs of this classroom faux pas, but I couldn’t be everywhere at once. That’s where keyboard covers come in!

What beginning keyboarding students don’t realize is that not looking at your fingers isn’t just some random rule invented by teachers to make typing harder. Peeking may seem innocent enough, but it makes improving speed impossible. A good cover like our NO-PEEK Keyboard Covers will help prevent these bad habits and actually get students typing faster, the right way.

Here are 5 ways the NO-PEEK Keyboard Cover will make students better typers:

  • It leads to better key recognition. Good typing means learning the keyboard by touch, not by sight. With the NO-PEEK Keyboard Cover, students will develop familiarity with where each key is on the keyboard, reinforcing muscle memory.
  • It boosts speed and accuracy. As a result of this familiarity with the keyboard, students won’t have to waste time looking down. When they stop worrying about their fingers, they’ll see their speed and accuracy improve.
  • It helps reinforce good posture. The EduTyping curriculum is built to constantly reinforce the importance of using the correct technique and finger placement. With the NO-PEEK Keyboard Cover, students keep their hands, wrists, and fingers in the right place.
  • It teaches students to type from copy. In the business world, students will often need to type directly from copy. That’s why keyboard covers force students to focus on their text, improving their efficiency and technique.
  • It promotes true touch-typing. While keyboard skins lay on top of the keyboard, NO-PEEK allows students to experience true touch-typing because their fingers touch the actual keys.

Interested in trying out the NO-PEEK Keyboard Cover in your class? Learn more here!

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