3 Ways Typing Makes Your Brain Stronger

June 7th, 2018 Mike Gecawich

There are important cognitive benefits to learning to type at a young age. This is not only a useful foundational skill, but it helps the brain develop and creates new neural paths.

1) Strengthen connections between hemispheres

When both hands work together this challenges the brain to fight against right or left-hand dominance. Mastering typing early on can strengthen the brain and make it able to accomplish challenging tasks more easily.

2) Improved hand-eye coordination

Scientists believe that touch typing can strengthen hand-eye coordination, as you simultaneously use your hands and eyes without pausing. Who knew that typing could improve your ball game?

3) Enhances memory

To type words correctly you need to know both 1) how to spell a word and 2) where the keys are on the keyboard to form that word. Recalling these two different sets of information at once can help strengthen the neural networks that control memory.


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