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Want to make sure that your students are: learning the right way, getting the individualized attention they need, and staying motivated?

We’ve got you covered!

With EduTyping you can really just sit back and relax this school year knowing that your students are on the right track to mastering the skill of typing.

Our lessons are all designed by experts in typing and business education to walk students through the correct process of learning to type.

The interactive lessons show students which fingers to use on which keys, and introduce new keys one row at a time.

Students are able to work at their own pace and receive instant feedback as they go along.

Meanwhile, the software tracks the keys they tend to have trouble with and creates custom lessons for them to address them.

And that's just a small part of what the EduTyping platform has to offer...

Some of EduTyping's Most Popular Features

Easily Monitor & Manage Class Activity

No longer is it necessary to constantly hover behind your students computer screens to make sure that they're on task. From your own desk, use our real-time monitor to easily keep an eye on student progress.

Correct Bad Typing Habits Early with Custom Problem Key Lessons

It's easy for students to build up bad habits when typing, and if they keep practicing without correcting them those habits will become cemented in their muscle memory. To prevent this, our software tracks the keys students regularly have trouble with and creates custom lessons to address them.

Keep Students Engaged with Built-in Incentives & Rewards

Through years of research into what best motivates, we have developed a number of incentives to encourage students to improve their typing speeds and accuracy. Through stars, achievement badges, and an optional class scoreboard, many teachers find their students choosing to practice more just to improve their scores!

Save Time Through Automatic Grading

Save hours of your life by enjoying our automatic grading system. Simply set your grade benchmarks ahead of time, and then you can generate grades for all of your classes at once with a single-click.

Create Your Own Lessons for Cross-curricular Learning

With the power to create your own Custom Lessons and Timed Tests you will have an unlimited supply of practice material that takes advantage of the software’s instant feedback, speed and accuracy assessment, and problem key tracking. Use this to liven up practice or to reinforce other subjects that the students are learning.

Easily Manage State and District Level Accounts from One Account

With a single account, you can manage schools, admins, and teachers across your district. Create and share typing lessons across all classes to help prepare students for online testing or to diffuse information about upcoming district-wide events.

Discover the power and ease of the EduTyping platform for yourself!

FREE 30-day Trial

See What Teachers Have to Say About the Platform

My superintendent visited today and observed my students engaged and motivated to learn the correct typing techniques with the EduTyping program. He wanted me to order the program after seeing the students firsthand learning.

Kristin Muraca, Science & Technology Specialist Tyngsborough Public Elementary School, Tyngsborough, MA

I must tell you that my students from 1st trimester enjoyed EduTyping and I think it's a fantastic program! I especially like the current events "In the News" exercises and how the program caters to individual student needs.

Lesel Manson Fountain Valley School, Fountain Valley, CA

The EduTyping classes that I have enrolled so far really love the software. Keyboarding is a skill set that is essential to this age and I am very happy that your company realizes this fact. Thank you and your company for assisting educators in our endeavors to teach our students life aiding skills.

Jessica James DeKalb PATH Academy Charter School, Atlanta, GA

My students have increased from 8 WPM to 30 and above. Thank you for the opportunity for using your program as it has helped my students immensely.

Jamie Dalton Midwest Institute Private College, Earth City, MO

Software helps teach, motivate, correct, and track each student individually

The content is engaging and relevant to students, with a library of In the News and Practice Lessons filled with topics that students love, and which is updated EACH month.

And if that isn’t enough, you have the power to create your own Custom Lessons and Timed Tests with content that relates to other subjects they’re covering. All while taking advantage of the software’s instant feedback, speed and accuracy assessment, and problem key tracking.

Your Content + Our Software = Ultimate Learning

You won’t have to worry about keeping students engaged, as the platform is filled with built-in motivators to encourage them to practice more, and improve their accuracy and speed.

Many teachers have even told us that their students insist on repeating lessons and practicing more just so that they can unlock more stars or achievements!

Especially when it comes to the series of fun typing games we have inside the platform, you won’t blame them for wanting to practice more either!

Save hours of time spent on grading

We weren’t joking… you can literally sit back and still keep tabs on the students’ progress with our real-time student activity monitor, which shows you what lessons they’re working on and when they’ve last logged in.

Then, when it comes to grading, all you have to do is set your class benchmarks once, and we’ll automatically grade students on their progress across all the lessons. With just a click you’ll be able to generate progress reports or print out custom certificates for each of your students.

While we manage all the hard, technical stuff, you can focus on helping out the students who need more individual attention. The ones that usually are overlooked when teachers are too busy trying to handle all the teaching, guiding, and grading for everyone.

Make your life easier and be a more effective teacher with EduTyping!

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